Manner Borne Chauffeurs Taking Action For A Sustainable Future

If the country’s experience through COVID has taught us anything about our social responsibilities as a small business, we doubt that many would shy away from mentioning the impact on the environment.  Pictures and stories circulating of pristine British waters, reduced emissions, healthier landscapes served to remind us of the fragile state of our ecology and our immediate environments.  Here at Manner Borne, we are extremely conscious of our position in the personal transport industry and as such cast more than a glance towards our corporate social responsibilities.  So how do we manage to balance these responsibilities for a sustainable future with our service agreements with our clients?

Manner Borne Chauffeurs Taking Action For A Sustainable Future

Whilst it would be extremely difficult for companies to be truly carbon negative, we are taking action for a sustainable future by reducing the impact we are having on a daily basis.  Aside from the industry pre-requisites of smooth driving leading to customer satisfaction (we are also conscious of the reduced negative impact on the environment), all waste is recycled as far as possible in timely fashion to reduce our carbon footprint.  However, as a company, we have decided to take further steps to mitigate the effects of the service we provide to our private and corporate clients.

  • We have moved to a largely paperless operation, with most communication conducted electronically, across marketing material, quote dispatch, invoicing, accounting and more besides. We anticipate making savings of 8 trees, almost 2,000kWh of energy, and eliminating approximately 6,000kg from our carbon footprint. Where necessary, we source recycled products, leading to a further drop in our carbon footprint.
  • We operate largely in conjunction with Shell as our primary fuel supplier, subscribing in the process to their proprietary ‘Drive Carbon Neutral’ scheme, through which our emissions are tracked and then offset along the supply chain through their global portfolio of nature-based solutions projects.
  • One of our small USPs as an executive hire business is the provision of complimentary refreshments and Manner Borne souvenirs. We have moved away from paper-based packaging to reusable luxury packaging bearing the company branding that our clients can take away and use for a wide range of purposes in their own lives. Furthermore, we only use mineral water suppliers using glass bottles, in a move away from potentially single use plastic products in a drive to become more sustainable.  Finally, we are not afraid to recycle any unused water into the vehicles’ systems to minimise waste further.

We are not blinkered here at Manner Borne, we do not claim to be changing the way the industry works, but we are pushing firmly ahead with a comprehensive swathe of measures to reduce cost, emissions and subsequent carbon footprint, so we can continue to appreciate and enjoy our precious country for just that little bit longer.  We hope you share our values and subscribe to our ethos as enthusiastically as we do, and we look forward to you putting us to the test in the near future. For more information call us on a number below:-

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