Chauffeur Hire Business

What does it mean to be a professional chauffeur and drive some of the most glamourous, influential and powerful people in the world?

Chauffeur Hire Business

Driving C.E.Os, business leaders, members of parliament or even Heads of state or mega-famous people involves a blending of driving skills and personal attention that cannot be learnt in a book. Perhaps the most important qualification a chauffeur can possess is the desire to please. Our Chauffeurs often work in high-pressure situations where they must remain calm, courteous and professional, going the extra mile to make their clients happy.

Professional Drivers

Coupled with interpersonal skills are driving skills, which are of, of course, crucial for a  chauffeur. Not anyone can drive an S-Class Mercedes safely! Driving a high-performance vehicle involves skill and concentration, and driving passengers smoothly and professionally is harder than it looks. We encourage our chauffeurs to take advanced driving courses to hone their skills.

Chauffeuring Qualifications

As there are no formal qualifications required to become a chauffeur we vet any prospective drivers using a combination of driving licence checks, security checks and personal references to make sure that they are allowed to carry passengers on the roads legally. We then regularly check their driving skills to make sure they meet our exceptional standards. During the coronavirus crisis, we have put additional measures in place around distancing, sanitising and the use of face masks.

Manner Borne Chauffeur Hire Business

Manner Borne Chauffeurs Manchester is one of the North-West’s premier luxury vehicle chauffeur companies. Our team of drivers are been carefully chosen to satisfy our standards of driving, courtesy and appearance. We select drivers with professional driving skills gained through either an advanced driving qualification or career experience.

Why just arrive when you can arrive in style.

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