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What Makes a Great Chauffeur?

What are the differences between a good chauffeur and great chauffeuring? Whilst there is no definitive answer to this question there is a lot to think about. Read our article in full to find out what makes a great chauffeur…

What Makes a Great Chauffeur?

Are the best chauffeurs just butlers on wheels? Or is there more to it? Do they have driving in their DNA? Or are there a combination of factors? Here are some of our thoughts on what makes a great driver.

Driving Skills

Safety comes first. Good control of the vehicle is essential. But it takes more than an advanced driving certificate to make a driver safe and a passenger relaxed.


A great driver is never late. Preparation and planning are crucial. A great driver allows plenty of time between clients, allows sufficient time to arrive at the collection point, and prepares the vehicle properly before departure.


Interpersonal skills are just as important as driving ability for a great driver. A chauffeur needs to be relaxed but quietly confident and easy to be with. Knowing when to talk and when to stay quiet is a key characteristic of a great driver.


A personality trait of a successful driver is being humble. Modesty is always a good trait in any profession.


Clients expect their drivers to be well presented. Good grooming and a clean vehicle are essential. Clients rarely prefer a driver to wear a cap these days, but a great driver has one ready in case it is needed.


A chauffeur often drives business leaders or celebrities so discretion is crucial. A great driver never shares who, what, and where they have driven. Whatever happens in the vehicle never goes further.

Manner Borne Chauffeurs

Manner Borne Chauffeurs Manchester is one of the North-West’s premier luxury vehicle chauffeuring companies. Our team of drivers are been carefully chosen to satisfy our standards of driving, courtesy and appearance. We select drivers with professional driving skills gained through either an advanced driving qualification or career experience. Contact us on a local number below for more information.

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