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Chauffeur Hire Etiquette

The etiquette of being a chauffeur is fascinating. The rules for chauffeurs were first introduced in the “Chauffeur’s Blue Book” back in 1906. This book offers advice on how chauffeurs should behave and the correct chauffeur hire etiquette.

Chauffeur Hire Etiquette

Here are a few snippets from the book:

“Your master’s fun is your work – Don’t forget that although the car is for your employer’s hobby or sport, it is your business, and you are there to make sure he gets the proper enjoyment from it.”

Times may change but the sentiment remains the same. You may not be driving your master (you may well be driving a mistress!) and the reason for chauffeur hire is probably not for fun or sport. It could just be a day out shopping or a trip to the races, but it still holds true that this is your business as a Manchester chauffeur hire a driver.

Chauffeur’s manners

“You may recognise another chauffeur on a passing car and consider it proper to wave your hand and greet at him. This is exceedingly wrong; for a silent nod is all that is permissible.”

Much of the book is actually still relevant to the modern chauffeur, such as the general conduct rule:

“Maintain an attitude of reserve about the car – or mystery if you like – with discreet silence on your part instead of blustering talk.” Again the terms have changed but a good chauffeur keeps quiet!.

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