Safer Chauffeur Travel During Lockdown 2

As a leading North West chauffeur company, we have taken steps to train all our chauffeurs in Covid-19 safety procedures. Manner Borne are following all government guidance for transport providers to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Read our article on safer chauffeur travel during lockdown 2…

Safer Chauffeur Travel During Lockdown 2

Our safety protocols have developed through the pandemic. We continually evaluate our procedures and changed working practices in line with government and public health advice.

Chauffeur Hygiene Procedure

Should a chauffeur become aware they have been in contact with an infected person,  they will immediately self-isolate. Our chauffeurs are vigilant with hygiene procedures and monitor their own health first. After a chauffeur has dropped off a client, and before cleaning the vehicle, the chauffeur will wash their hands thoroughly.

Vehicle Hygiene Procedure

Before a new client enters the vehicle, the chauffeur sanitises the seats, door handles and any surface a previous passenger may have touched. Then the chauffeur washes their hands again.

Greeting Procedure

Upon arrival, your chauffeur will offer you a hand sanitiser. They will not shake hands. Your chauffeur will be wearing gloves and will open and close the doors on your behalf. We will ask you to wear a mask, and we will be wearing one too.

Sit behind the Chauffeur

Chauffeur-driven travel is relatively safe, but the car is still an enclosed space. It is recommended that the safest place to sit is behind the chauffeur.

Magazines and newspapers

We will not offer newspapers or magazines during the pandemic.

Manner Borne Chauffeurs – Supporting You in Lockdown 2

Manner Borne Chauffeurs Manchester is one of the North-West’s premier luxury vehicle chauffeur companies. Our team of drivers are been carefully chosen to satisfy our standards of driving, courtesy and appearance. We select drivers with professional driving skills gained through either an advanced driving qualification or career experience. After the lockdown, we look forward to once again transporting you in style and luxury.

Why just arrive when you can arrive in style.

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